3D embroidery or ‘puff’ embroidery uses a special foam base that the design is stitched over to give a raised effect that really makes your logo pop.

Because of the way 3D embroidery works there are some things to consider with your artwork to get the best results. The technique works best with bold letters and logos ideally with rounded corners to ensure the stitches cover the foam completely. Simpler is better when it comes to 3D cap embroidery.

Maximum size for 3D cap embroidery is 60mm high by 120mm width and all elements of the design should be within a range of 4-12mm to ensure the foam can sit perfectly underneath without being squashed flat or cut off.

As with any embroidery there is a one off set up charge to digitise your artwork into a stitching file and once this has been done there are no minimum orders so you can produce anything from a one of a kind cap for yourself or a run of 1000’s.

To see the range of headwear we can 3D embroider onto click on the garments tab above and select headwear.

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